dBadge Noise Dosimeter

Buying the dBadge Noise Dosimeter

You can buy the dBadge noise dosimeter direct from NoiseMeters Inc (North America) or from NoiseMeters Limited (UK, Europe and other export regions). We usually have all versions of the dBadge in stock: Standard, Plus and Pro along with the Intrinsically Safe units.


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Buying Online

Online Ordering

Choose the version of the dBadge that is right for your application and the number of dosimeters that you want in the kit (usually between 1 and 10). Visit the relevant product page - Standard or Plus or Pro. The prices can be seen at the bottom of the page along with the option to add it to your cart.

When you order online payment is by credit card (VISA or Mastercard, with American Express accepted for most regions too). The delivery charge is calculated after you complete the delivery address but before you place the order.


Purchase Order

If you do not wish to pay by credit card then we can accept your Purchase Order by fax, email or by post. If you already have an account with NoiseMeters then the equipment will ship immediately and we will send you an invoice with your usual payment terms.

To open an account with NoiseMeters please contact us on accounts@noisemeters.com. Due to insurance restrictions we usually only open accounts for established businesses in the UK, USA and Canada.

Otherwise, we can send you a proforma invoice by email for payment by bank transfer. The goods will be shipped as soon as the payment clears.

See our Contact page for email address, fax number or postal address to send your PO to.


Other Web Sites

You can get more information about the dBadge and place your order at any of the following sites:

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