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If you have any questions about the dBadge wireless Noise Dosimeter then please give us a call or drop us an email. Wherever you are in the world we are able to offer advice on the most suitable version of the dBadge for your noise measurement needs. In the USA you are support by NoiseMeters Inc, based in Texas and Michigan. In the UK support comes from NoiseMeters Limited in Surrey and in Yorkshire. For all other parts of the world or export team and help you select the right product and give advice on purchasing, shipping and any import tax that may be due.

NoiseMeters Inc
3233 Coolidge Hwy
MI 48072

Texas Warehouse
1321 Upland Drive, #2174
TX 77043

Tel: 888 206 4377
Email: info@noisemeters.com
Web: www.noisemeters.com
NoiseMeters Limited
7 Jayes Park
United Kingdom

North Yorks Office
West End
YO14 0ES
United Kingdom

Tel: 0845 680 0312
Email: info@noisemeters.co.uk
Web: www.noisemeters.co.uk
NoiseMeters Export
Asia: www.noisemeters.asia
Canada: www.noisemeters.ca
Europe: www.noisemeters.eu
Ireland: www.noisemeters.ie
Export: www.noisemeters.com

Tel: +44 84 56 80 0312
Email: info@noisemeters.com