dBadge Noise Dosimeter

dBadge Noise Dose Measurement Kits

The dBadges, Calibrator and accessories can be bought individually, but it is more cost effective to buy them as part of a Noise Measurement Kit, which includes everything you need to carry out a complete occupational noise survey.

dbadge noise dosimeter kit

Typical Kit Contents
(DB2K3, with three dosimeters)

Each dBadge Kit includes:

dBadge Dosimeters Kits are available with different quantities of dBadges, usually 1, 2 ,3, 5 or 10, although other quantities can be supplied.
Calibrator To check the function of the dBadge.
dBadge Mounts To attach the dBadge to the worker's shoulder.
Charger Charges the dBadge battery. Kits with 1, 2, 3 or 5 dBadges include one 3-way charger. Kits with 10 dBadges include two 3-way chargers. Additional chargers can be supplied.
Cal. Certificates Calibration certificates for dBadges and Calibrator.
Carrying Case Robust Peli Case. Holds all the dBadges, Calibrator and accessories.
Software Downloads measurements to Excel style spreasheet.



Combination Kits

If you need a hand-held sound level meter as well as the noise dosimeters then we can offer the dBadge as part of a Combination Kit. These kits include a hand-held noise meter that can be used for making spot checks as well as carrying out a more detailed occupational noise assessment manually. You can see the Combination Kits on our main web site at: www.noisemeters.com/product/combination/.

combination kits